The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore

Bangalore, the bustling IT hub of India, is about work and tech parks, both business and leisure, every year. With the city’s vast expanse and the need for convenient transportation, car rentals have become a popular choice. Finding the right tour operator can be daunting. At Cityline Cabs, we understand the importance of seamless travel experiences, and that’s why we bring you the ultimate guide to The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore. As industry experts, we aim to surpass your expectations and make your travel dreams a reality.

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Bangalore, often called the Silicon Valley of India, is an IT hub with vibrant culture and scenic beauty. With the city’s rapid growth, the demand for convenient transportation has surged. One of the most sought-after services is car rentals with drivers. But how do you navigate the maze of Bangalore weekend car rental deals? Bangalore Car Rental Prices, Car hire Bangalore, Bangalore car rental deals, Bangalore car rental agencies, Bangalore airport car hire, Bangalore luxury car rental, Bangalore sedan rental prices, Bangalore car rental locations, Bangalore car rental discounts, Bangalore car rental for tourists,

The Best Tour Operator Easy Services from Bangalore

The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore
The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most popular places in India that tourists frequently visit throughout the year for honeymoon, family vacations, and solo travels. It is known as the garden city of India, which has now become the Silicon Valley of India and is the country’s third largest city. Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather, beautiful parks, and enchanting lakes. Suppose you are connected with any of the brilliant tour operators in Bangalore. In that case, you will be offered an excellently customized tour package to spend the best time in the city with your favourite people.

Why should you choose the Bangalore Tour Operators?

It is stressful to carry out your bookings about accommodation, food, transfers, transportation, and other inclusions. When you are assisted by a known Bangalore tour operator like Cityline Cabs Tours, you will sit back and relax to enjoy all the essential services provided. You can explore the beautiful cafes, street food corners, rooftop spaces, and pubs during the nightlife and the commercial locations you can come across. The best time to get addressed in Bangalore is during the summer months, which have a stable, moderate climate, unlike the winter months, which are chilling.

Places to visit in Bangalore

Bangalore Palace is one of the magnificent places that is 3 km away from the city centre, surrounded by beautiful gardens owned by the Mysore Royal Family.

Cubbon Park is another major tourist attraction spread across 300 acres laid down by Lord Cubbon and is a perfect place for nature lovers with a calm and soothing climate.

MG Road is a must-visit place, Bangalore’s shopping and entertainment hub, which gathers the maximum crowd during the year.

Lal Bagh is a botanical garden that welcomes all nature lovers. That is the combined presentation of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan spread across 240 acres.

Bannerghatta National Park takes you to the rich cluster of fauna and flora, where you get introduced to safari rides and spot Lions, Tigers, and Crocodiles.

Best Popular South India Easy Tour Packages

The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore
Best Popular South India Easy Tour Packages
  • 3 Night 4 Day Wayanad Package
  • 6 Nights – 7 Days Kerala Tour
  • 6 Nights 7 Days Wayanad – Ooty – Coorg Tour
  • Kerala 7Nights – 8Days With Jatayu Tour
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Bangalore-Mysore-Coorg Tour
  • 6 Nights 7 Days Coorg – Wayanad – Ooty Tour Package
  • Kodaikanal Package From Bangalore

Best South India Tour and Holiday Packages from Bangalore

  • Kodaikanal Package From Bangalore
  • Madurai Kodaikanal Rameshwaram Tour Package
  • Kodaikanal Honeymoon Packages from Bangalore
  • 8 Night – 9 Days Hill Tour
  • Kerala 4 Night – 5 Days Tour

South India is a region that offers a diverse mix of culture, history, and natural beauty, making it a popular tourist destination. The area boasts a rich heritage, lush forests, serene backwaters, pristine beaches, and scenic hill stations. A South India tour and holiday package is an ideal way to explore this beautiful region, with packages catering to different interests and budgets.

Bangalore’s Best South India Tour and Holiday Packages offer adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. From exploring ancient ruins and temples to going on a wildlife safari, cruising through the backwaters, or simply relaxing on a beach, there is something for everyone.

Tour operators in South India offer a wide range of packages that cater to different interests and budgets. They provide high-quality service, experienced guides, comfortable accommodations, and safe transportation, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable trip.

Will explore some of the best South India tour and holiday packages, covering popular destinations such as Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Wayanad, Kodaikanal, Pondicherry, and more. These packages offer visitors a chance to explore the beauty and diversity of South India and make unforgettable memories.

The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore – 3 Nights 4 Days Tour Packages lowest Fares

3 N/4D Round trip Coorg Tour Packages 3 * Standard without AC Toyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car Rental Rs. 12700/- All Included

3 N/4D Goa Round Trip Tour Packages 3 * Standard without AC Toyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car Rental Rs. 14200/- All Included

3 N/4D Round trip Ooty-Coonoor Tour Packages 3 * Standard without AC Toyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car Rental Rs. 12000/- All Included

3 N/4D Kodaikanal Round Trip Tour Packages 3 * Standard without AC Toyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car Rental Rs. 11500/- All Included

The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore – 4 Nights 5 Days Tour Packages lowest Fares 

3 N/4D Round trip Munnar Tour Packages3 * Standard without ACToyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car RentalRs. 12500/- All Included

4 N/5D Munnar, Thekkady Kerala Round Trip Tour Packages 3 * Standard without AC Toyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car Rental Rs. 17575/- All Included

4 N/5D Kanyakumari-Trivandrum-Rameshwaram-Madurai-Thirchy-Tour Package 3 * Standard without AC Toyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car Rental Rs. 23075/- All Included

4 N/5D Sigandhur-Jogfalls-Gokarana-Murudeshwara-Kollur-Kamalashile-Udupi- Round trip Tour Packages 3 * Standard without AC Toyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car Rental Rs. 16875/- All Included

4 N/5DCoorg — Mysore — Bangalore Round Trip Tour Packages3 * Standard without ACToyota Etios (4+1 ) /Similar Car RentalRs. 14000/- All Included

Travel Agents in India

Travel Agents in India
Travel Agents in India

India, a land of joy, colour, traditions, and festivals, is a diverse country with deep-rooted religion, landscape, and language. The rich culture with striking uniqueness makes India proud of its diversity. Glimpses of Indian heritage lie in the treasure of its art and architecture, classical forms of dance, and traditional music. Many travel agents in India offer you a close view of these phenomenal Indian scenic places through their affordable tour packages.   

Cityline Cabs is one of the best travel agents in Bangalore. We are a reputable name and are known to make your holidays a memorable experience. We have been serving our customers for almost three decades. We customize the tours and packages according to our client’s preferences. So whether it’s a group trip, we’ve got you covered. Our 50k satisfied customers mark our sane ethics and brand value. We always strive for ultimate customer happiness with our exclusive offerings.

Tour Operators in India

Cityline Cabs is a tour operator in Bangalore, India, with over 18 years of experience. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive tour packages to travel enthusiasts. You can be a part of our South India Tour packages and explore the calmness of the South Valley. Or choose a customized Karnataka Tour Package to enjoy the rich heritage of the Royals. A backwater thrill will refresh you with our Kerala Tour Packages.

We are no ordinary tour operator in India, and our team always tries to offer the lowest competitive rates on our holiday packages. Speak to us, and we will tell you about our 2500+ exciting travel packages. Customize it to your preference, and we will gladly serve you what you ask. We are a recommended name in the tourism sector as we stand second to none. We are the top travel agents and have maintained a brand name for ourselves all these years.

South India Tour Packages

South India is a collection of five Indian States – Tamil Nadu (including Kerala), Karnataka (including Andhra Pradesh), Telangana, and Karnataka – along with three Union Territories – Puducherry and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, as well as Lakshadweep. Cityline Cabs Tours offers a lavish South India Tour package that includes the rich cultural heritage of South India, the authentic food, the scenic landscapes, the incredible wildlife and the calm pilgrimage sites.

Outstation Car Rental’s lowest Fares 

Hatchback AC 4 passengers ₹ 12/- Per Km 250 Kms ₹ 400/-

Sedan 4 passengers ₹ 12/- Per Km 250 Kms ₹ 400/-

Prime Sedan 4 passengers ₹ 12/- Per Km 300 Kms ₹ 400/-

SUV Outstation Car Rental Lowest Fares 

SUV 6 /7 /8 passengers ₹ 14/- Per Km 300 Kms ₹ 400/-

SUV 6 /7 passengers ₹ 15.00/- Per Km 300 Kms ₹ 400/-

When is the best season to visit South India?

It is up to you to make the travel plans and decisions. South India is tropical and has moderate temperatures all year. It means it’s not too hot in the summer or cold in winter. Visiting South India during the cooler months is best, as the coastal areas are nearby. The average temperature in May and June can reach 32 degrees.

Highlights of South India holiday packages

Read the following for the best insight into the South India holiday package you will be taking.

Rich Culture & Geography

South India is a favourite destination for tourists and travellers. There are many reasons behind this, from the stunning architecture and climatic conditions to the tranquil beaches and breathtaking greenery that captivate visitors. South India also has wildlife, coffee plantations and delicious local cuisine.

Classical Music Festivals and Dance

When you visit South India for your holiday, you will be surrounded by classical music and dances such as Bharat Nayam, Kathakali and Mohiniattam. Enjoy Onam, Hampi, Mysore Dasara and Natyanjali Dance Festival festivals.

Popular Places in South India

South India is full of beautiful places that you can’t count! From Mahabalipuram to Ooty Hyderabad and beyond, including Mysore and Coorg Hassan. You can also visit Trichy, Madurai and Rameshwaram. You can enjoy these places with friends, family or even your spouse.

Pilgrimage Points: Meenakshi Temple (Sri Venkateshwar Temple), Kumararama Bheemeshwara Swamy Temple (Mammiyoor Shiva Temple), Guruvayoor Temple (Kamakshi Amman Temple), Varadharaja Perumal Temple (Varadharaja Perumal Temple), Devarajaswami Temple… and more.

Beaches: Om beach (Lighthouse beach), Varkala Beach (Maravanthe Beach), Alappuzha Beach (Velankannan Beach), Tagore Beach (“Half Moon Beach”), Marina Beach (“Maravanthe Beach”), Velankanni Beach (“Alappuzha Beach”), Tagore Beach (“Half Moon Beach”), and others.

Tourist Attractions: Nilgiri Mountain (also known as Nilgiri Mountain), Atukkad Waterfalls (also known as Atukkad Falls), Pothamedu Viewpoint (also called Pothamedu Viewpoint), Ooty Rose Garden in Alleppey and Pondicherry. Kanyakumari is also included.

Famous Cuisine of the South

The South of India is known for its plethora of popular dishes. You can find a variety of words here, including steamed dishes with coconut flavours like dosas, idlis and pumas, as well as coffee (called “kaapi” in local languages), vadas, sambhars, chutneys, seafood and meats in abundance. The natural coffee produced from freshly grown coffee beans is a delicacy in Hyderabad and the Nilgiris region of Tamil Nadu.

How to reach South India

If you’re travelling from another part of India to South India, the best travel methods are air and rail. The former is the most recommended.

By air: Many airports make air transportation convenient and smooth. There are many domestic and international airports which connect you with the various states in South India. These include the airports of Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai in Tamil Nadu; Trivandrum International Airport and Cochin International Airports in Kerala, Bengaluru; Kempegowda International Airports, Vijayawada, Tirupati and Vijayawada airports in Andhra Pradesh and Rajiv Gandhi International Airports in Telangana.

By train: Trains from all corners of India will get you to your chosen destination in the South. South India has many popular junctions, including Bengaluru, Mysore or Mysuru, and Hampi, in Karnataka; Kozhikode, Alleppey, and Kozhikode in Kerala; and Chennai, Madurai, and Kanyakumari, in Tamil Nadu.

Exploration of Shopping Hubs

Chennai: Handicrafts Tirunelveli; jewellery Kumbakonam; metal work Thanjavur.

Mysore: Made from sandalwood, including essential oils, figurines and boxes, powders and face packs, and Silk Sarees.

Kerala – Connemara Market for spices, clothes and coffee. MG Road is for Kathakali masks and nuts.

Madurai: Silk and cotton fabrics, bronze images, wood carvings, and Sungudi Sarees.

Ooty: Find chocolates, cookies, vanilla fudge, spices, face packs and lotions, organic honey and tea, embroidered dresses and napkins, and essential oils.

South India must-see places and things to see

South India has it all – from houseboat tours on the backwaters in Kerala to the French colony of Pondicherry and the stunning hill stations of Coorg. All types of travellers will find something to enjoy in South India. This is a list of the top things to do in South India for a memorable trip.

Houseboats in Kerala are a great way to spend your vacation.

Kerala is renowned for its stunning landscapes, tranquil backwaters and palm trees. It also has exotic beaches. Experience the magic of a houseboat on your Kerala trip. Backwaters’ stillness and soothing effect will transport you to a completely different world. Enjoy the beautiful views of villages as you cruise down Alleppey’s backwaters, Kumarakom’s and Kollam’s.

Kerala is known for many things, but its ayurvedic treatments are one of them. Ayurvedic therapies are best enjoyed in Kerala because of its good climate.

Discover the beauty of hill stations.

South India has some of the most beautiful hill stations. Since ancient times, they have attracted tourists with their unparalleled beauty. These hill stations are the perfect place to relax and unwind. These hill stations are also ideal for honeymooners looking to relax and spend time together. If you are also looking for beautiful hill destinations in South India, then Ooty and Munnar should be at the top.

Wildlife Tourism in South India

There is nothing more thrilling than spotting animals in their natural habitat. You must attend the many wildlife sanctuaries in South India if you love animals and are a wildlife lover. Whether it’s the Western Ghats or the Nilgiris mountains, each location is known for its beauty and abundance of nature. South India is home to several wildlife destinations that offer safari rides and treks for wildlife enthusiasts.

Spend your evenings in safari lodges around a bonfire. South India’s best wildlife viewing spots include the Kabini and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

South India’s pristine beaches

South India’s beaches offer panoramic views and are ideal for witnessing the vastness of oceans. Sunny skies, golden sand, and turquoise waters characterize the beaches. Tamil Nadu’s beaches are among the best in India. Gokarna, in Karnataka and Kerala’s Marari Beach, are quieter alternatives to Goa. Plan a trip to South Indian beaches for a relaxing vacation with countless opportunities for water sports.

Cityline Cabs Tours Plan a South India tour

Cityline Cabs Tours Plan a South India tour
Cityline Cabs Tours Plan a South India tour

Planning a trip to South India can be confusing. There is so much to do and see. We are here to help you. We are India’s most reputable travel agents and will arrange your entire trip – from temple tours to leisure vacations, hill stations, beach holidays, or offbeat destinations. Choose from a wide range of options that suit your needs. Please browse our website to find the best South India Tour Packages. Get exciting deals and book your South India Vacation. We have the perfect package for you- an adventure tour or a relaxing vacation. Get exclusive offers on special theme packages such as South India honeymoon packages or South India family packages.

South India Tour Packages By City

Bangalore Ooty Hyderabad Chennai Tirupati Pondicherry Mysore Munnar Wayanad Kochi Trivandrum Mangalore Karnataka

The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore – Good Holiday Packages from Bangalore

These popular Indian travel packages offer trips to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand Kashmir, Leh Ladakh and Ladakh, Kerala Rajasthan Gujarat, Goa and Andaman and Karnataka, as well as other parts of north and east India. These popular Indian travel packages are flexible and easy to adapt. They sell to the most popular tourists in India. Cityline Cabs Trusted Travel Agency offers many well-planned India travel packages.

Cityline Cabs Travel & Tours has over 50 branches in major Indian cities. Cityline Cabs Tours & Travel P. Ltd. is a tour operator in India recognized by the Indian Government Tourism Department. Chennai and Madras are the fastest-growing tour operators and travel agencies. The company began as a small car rental service over 15 years ago. Today, it is a well-known group that offers travel services across several products.

The Best Tour Operator Easy Services In Bangalore – Customized Tour Packages From Bangalore

Cityline Cabs Tours & Travel P. Ltd is one of India’s best travel agencies dedicated to offering travellers the best holiday deals. For all your travel requirements, contact Cityline Cabs, one of the leading tour operators and travel agencies in Bangalore, India. Cityline Cabs was founded in 2005 and is synonymous with all-India bus tours and customized tours that the government recognizes.

Whether honeymooners need a family holiday or backpackers are in demand, Cityline Cabs, one of India’s best travel agencies, offers both by putting together the best holiday packages to destinations across the country. Cityline Cabs’ best-selling package is the South India Tour Package, which provides an exceptional getaway at an affordable price. At the same time, the South India Tour Package guarantees a scenic flight to places like Shimla, Manali, and Coorg. Ooty, Munnar, Chikamnagalore, Wayanad, Goa and more. Individual, Good, flexible Indian travel packages are very popular with tourists, potential tourists, and locals across India.

Why Choose the Best Tour Operator for Easy Services in Bangalore?

Unparalleled expertise in local knowledge

Local knowledge is the best way to explore a new city. Our guides are seasoned and have a deep understanding of Bangalore’s rich culture, so you can be sure to discover all the hidden treasures.

Customized Itineraries for Each Traveler

We take pride in creating personalized itineraries. Our tours cater to all interests, whether you are a history buff, foodie or adventurer.

Seamless booking process

It’s easy to book with us. We offer a user-friendly platform online and a responsive customer service team to ensure that you have a seamless experience on your trip.

Explore Bangalore with the Best Tour Operator Easy Service

Landmarks Beyond the Obvious

Explore landmarks different from the typical tourist attractions to discover Bangalore’s soul. Our guides will lead you away from the tourist trail to discover the authentic charm of the city.

Culinary Delights Tour

Enjoy a culinary adventure on our exclusive Culinary Delights Tour. Discover Bangalore’s diverse food scene and taste the flavours that make it a culinary paradise.

Easy Tour Operator Services in Bangalore: Beyond Your Expectations

Customer Reviews

Do not just take our word. Check out what our customers say about their experience. Our stellar customer reviews are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Strategic Partnerships

We have strategic partnerships with local business owners to ensure that you receive exclusive discounts and perks during your trip. We strive to provide value beyond the norm.

Your Travel Companion – The Best Tour Operator In Bangalore Easy Services

Travelling Responsibly

We place a high priority on sustainable and responsible tourism. We encourage you to travel with us and help preserve Bangalore’s cultural and natural heritage.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives available 24/7. We’re here to help you with any questions you may have or if you need assistance on your tour.

India prides itself on its warm and hospitable people, which is what we at Cityline Cabs stand for. South India Car Rentals Private Limited. Cityline Cabs. Cabsrental Tours and Travel is an Indian travel agency and one of the largest tour operators in Bangalore India. If you are looking for unforgettable honeymoon packages, choose our Goa Tour Package, Coorg Tour Package, and Ooty and Coonoor Tour Package, as they are all-inclusive packages with accommodation, travel, and sightseeing tours.

South India Car Rentals Private Limited. Cityline Cabs. Cabsrental Tours and Travel journey began in 2005 in Bengaluru. Cityline Cabs Travel is a well-known and reliable Domestic tour operator based in Bangalore. We try to find the best vegetarian tour operators around the planet with India Travel Packages and International Travel Packages, which offer our customers an inexpensive holiday to see the world. For more Details, Please Visit Our Website: or Query Call +917899219654,+919945701488


Cityline Cabs epitomizes the best tour operator in Easy services in Bangalore. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, local expertise, and customer satisfaction, we redefine the travel experience. Choose us for a journey that transcends the ordinary and immerses you in the true essence of Bangalore.

Easy Services is the leading tour operator in Bangalore. It offers unmatched excellence in travel experiences. Easy Services’ commitment to seamless customer service, diverse itinerary options, and customer satisfaction has helped it earn its reputation as a top choice for discerning travellers. They prioritize each detail, from meticulously planned tours and exceptional customer service to ensuring an unforgettable journey. Easy Services combines professionalism, reliability and personalized excellence to make your travel dreams in Bangalore a reality.

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