Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices

Bengaluru is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, exudes energy, and has a wide range of activities. Bangalore truly represents all the good things about both. Our luxury tempo travelers in Bangalore lead you around the city like an authentic local, as Bangalore offers something for everyone who travels. When you Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices Up to 70% off on 9,12,15,16 and 18-seater hire a luxurious Maharaja in Bangalore with Cityline Cabs, you’ll be on a trip to explore the city with your friends and your family.

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Bangalore is known as the IT central point in India and is a hub for technology parks and work for both leisure and business each year. Because of Bangalore’s sprawl and the requirement for easy transport, car rental has been a favorite option. Based on Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices Air-conditioned Tempo Traveller with Driving Easy Services up 70% off on 9,12,15 and 16 seats at Premium Maharaja with the best price in Bangalore, an expert in Bangalore’s transportation market, the typical Bangalore weekday car rental prices differ based on the type of vehicle and the duration. For example, a compact vehicle may cost less than a luxurious sedan. Prices also vary depending on the time of year and the availability.

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices  – Up to 70% OFF.

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices
Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices

This 12-seater AC Tempo Traveller is the best choice for traveling with a large group. It has a large and comfortable interior with plenty of legroom as well as a storage area to store luggage. With its air conditioning and seats that can be pulled back, this car provides a relaxing and comfortable ride for family outings, trips, or corporate events. Suppose you are in search of a reliable and reliable vehicle for your entire group of 12, with a 12-seater. In that case, the AC Tempo traveler is the ideal choice for an enjoyable trip for everyone.

Cityline Cabs is renowned for providing customized services for booking tempo travelers. Renting a tempo-traveler or TT is an excellent choice for a family vacation. You can rent a tempo traveler and experience the excitement of taking trips with friends to any place that you want to visit. Cityline Cabs strives to eliminate any inconveniences to our customers, such as the reservation of tempo traveller tickets. We are the top choice whenever you are looking for a “tempo traveler rental near me.”

A large number of people prefer traveling on a tempo-traveler in the event of being outside of the city. It’s a 9-seater Tempo Traveller and is a popular option for excursions and group travel such as temple visits, pilgrimages, and other excursions. It’s also an excellent alternative for college trips or educational tours as well as other long-distance travel. Hire Cityline Cabs’ tempo travelers, which are maintained regularly and serviced by authorized service centers.

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices: Affordable Group Transportation

Get the best value on your budget by renting the AC Tempo traveler 9,12,14,16 seater rentals. Our affordable prices make us an excellent choice for transport for groups and allow you to take a break and relax without stressing about the cost.

TT Rates Outstation Price (per km) 8 Hours 80km Hire
9 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹28 ₹6500
10 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹24 ₹6500
12 Seater Tempo traveller AC Starting from ₹19 ₹4500
12 Seater Tempo Traveller Non AC Starting from ₹17 ₹3500
14 Seater Tempo Traveller AC Starting from ₹18 ₹3800
14 Seater Tempo Traveller Non AC Starting from ₹20 ₹4800
14 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹24 ₹5500
16 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹26 ₹5500
18 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller Starting from ₹26 ₹5500

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices – Up to 70% OFF.

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices
Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices

There are a variety of seating options available for our Tempo Traveler with a Professional Driver Rental. If you’re planning a local tour, wedding reception, weekend getaway with your loved ones, or even the transfer to the airport, renting the Tempo Traveler in Bangalore will ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and legroom. Choose your travel plans and pick the most appropriate option based on your needs and preferences. We provide a variety of options, which include:

Tempo Traveller fleet, which includes Cityline Cabs.

Cityline Cabs offers a variety of tempo travelers based on the number and kind of passengers. Some of our tempo travelers include:

Cityline Cabs Tempo traveler: 12-seater in Bangalore, 14-seater in Bangalore.

Tempo travelers are driven by seasoned drivers who know the road well. They also can be used as guides for tourist destinations.

Our tempo travelers come with a fantastic audio system.

Our billing system is transparent.

Pre-booking a Tempo Traveler is possible based on the date of your travel.

Our Tempo travelers are clean and well-maintained.

Cityline Cabs Takes Safety Measures.

Every driver we supply is COVID-19 vaccine-vaccinated.

Cityline Cabs cleans every tempo traveler prior to and after each trip.

Each vehicle is given an extensive burnout period to ensure there isn’t a chance for cross-contamination.

Masks for faces are worn by all drivers as well as support staff.

AC Tempo Traveller 9,12,14,16 Seater: A Comfortable and Affordable Travel Solution

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices
Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices

Experience the luxury and ease of traveling in the luxury with an AC Tempo traveler that has 9-12 and 14-16,16 seats. The AC-powered tempo rentals offer plenty of seating, storage space for luggage, and top-quality service that makes it the perfect choice for long-distance or group excursion travel. With our transparent pricing and easy booking process, you’ll enjoy a relaxing and stress-free excursion each time you choose Us as your tour agency.

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices: Your Group Travel Solution

Your group can comfortably seat 9-12 and 14-16 guests in our tempo vehicle with AC power. With our professional driver behind the wheel, you’ll be able to be able to relax and enjoy your journey, concentrate on your travel plans, and not worry about the transport details.

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices with AC Style and Comfort

You can take advantage of the additional benefits of the extra comfort that comes with having an AC Tempo traveler with 12 seating options. These AC travelers offer a comfortable and comfortable environment to ensure that guests and passengers arrive rested and ready for their next adventure.

Outstation AC Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices: Explore the Best Destinations

Enjoy a memorable trip making use of Outstation AC Tempo traveler 9,12,14,16 seater rentals. Whatever your needs are, whether you’re traveling to the most well-known tourist destinations or wishing to discover places that aren’t featured on the map. Our AC-powered tempo travelers are an affordable and comfy way to travel in style.

AC Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices Booking: A Simple and Hassle-Free Process

Take advantage of the AC Tempo Traveller 9,12,14,16 seater rentals with confidence, knowing that you’ll get the cheapest cost on the market. The simple reservation process ensures you a smooth and pleasant journey from start to finish.

AC Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices Rental: Your Go-To for Long Journeys

You can travel with peace and comfort thanks to AC Tempo’s AC Tempo 9,12,14,16 12-seater traveler rentals and skilled drivers. Our drivers have been specially trained to make sure you are safe and secure during long journeys, making us the best option for long-distance trips.

Spacious Seating and Extra Luggage Space: AC Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices Rental

Are you planning a trip for a group or an excursion that’s longer distance? We have the AC Tempo rental for travelers with seats of 9,12,14,16. It provides plenty of seating space and extra baggage storage, which makes it the perfect option for traveling with groups, as well as providing a relaxing and memorable journey.

Small Size Tempo Traveler – Up to 9, 10, 14 Seater

CLC Cityline Cabs Tours and Travels introduces the smallest of travelers in Bangalore with 9-seater, 10-seater, 14-seater, 16-seater, and an 18-seater option. These compact-sized tempo travelers are ideal for intimate family trips, nos, tragic gatherings, and short weekend getaways. Whatever your travel location, we’ve got the perfect tempo traveler to meet your needs while ensuring your security and comfort.

Medium Size Tempo Traveler – Up to 16, and 18 Seater

CLC Cityline Cabs Tours and Travels offers 15-seater, 16-seater, and 17-seater tempo travelers available for rental in Bangalore. Opt for the tempo of a medium-sized traveler when you are planning a corporate excursion or group trip. Tempo Traveller of this size has luxurious interiors, a broad range of AC and non-AC vehicles, and a focus on balancing luxury and comfort with affordable options.

Large size Tempo Traveler up at 24 people

CLC Cityline Cabs Tours and Travels’ range of large-tempo travelers in Bangalore includes 28-seater, 16-seater, and 22-seater models. These spacious tempo movers can be used to accommodate large numbers of passengers like wedding transport or pilgrimage groups. Requirements. Our deluxe tempo travelers in Bangalore have extremely spacious seating, comfortable interiors, and a variety of other top features.

Why Choose a Best Hire 10 Seater Luxury TempoTraveller Bangalore – Advantages Rentals

Apart from emphasizing comfort, Here are a few convincing reasons why hiring a tempo traveler with CLC Cityline Cabs Tours and Travels could be the most sensible choice

Plenty of Cabin Baggage Space Tempo travelers offer plenty of room for cabin luggage.

A Spacious Luggage Compartment Dedicated to You: A separate luggage compartment inside the boot will ensure that your belongings are safe and well-organized.

More legroom for all ages: Take advantage of ample legroom that caters to both older and younger passengers.

Flexibility in Pickups and Stops Tempo travelers are able to add additional stops and pickup points with no hassle.

Audio System Service: Keep entertained by using the audio system on board.

AC and non-AC Options: Choose between air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned tempo travelers.

Well-designed aisles and comfortable Seating: Our tempo travelers are specifically designed to provide comfort to passengers with well-planned aisles and comfortable seating.

Affordable Service: You can count on us to be punctual and professional drivers.

Clean and verified vehicles: Our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and checked for security.

Transparent Billing We are adamant about transparency, and we will make sure that you are aware of precisely what you’re getting for your money.

Superior Engines: Tempo travelers come with powerful engines from reputable brands such as Benz, Force, and Mahindra, which ensures the stability of our vehicles on rugged terrains.

Tempo Traveler Booking in Bangalore for Local Sightseeing – Experience Bangalore

Bangalore is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the season, making it an ideal location for a trip to see the sights. Beyond being the country’s most significant IT capital, Bangalore is a diverse and vibrant city with an array of architectural, historical, cultural, and natural sights. Here are a few highlights to visit:

Bangalore Palace: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Victorian style in Bangalore Palace.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace: Discover the stunning Indo-Islamic architectural style that is Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.

Cubbon Park Walking paths that are well maintained and admire the stunning, beautiful natural surroundings that is Cubbon Park.

Bannerghatta National Park: Visit wildlife at Bannerghatta National Park.

Wonderla Waterpark, Innovative Film City, and more. Experience thrilling adventures in places such as Wonderla Waterpark and Innovative Film City.

Shopping and entertainment: Discover excellent malls such as Mantri, Orion, Phoenix, Forum, and Garuda.

Hiring a luxurious Tempo Traveller in Bangalore lets you visit these significant tourist attractions quickly and in a short time.

Tempo Traveler Rental in Bangalore for Outstation Trips

Bangalore’s central location provides access to a variety of vacation spots or weekend trips. The top destinations to explore within Bangalore and surrounding Bangalore comprise Mysore, Chikmagalur, Ooty, Chennai, Wayanad, Kodaikanal, Goa, and Coorg. If you rent a tempo traveler in Bangalore, you will be able to maximize your time visiting these locations with your family and friends.

The booking of a Tempo Traveler from Bangalore

CLC Cityline Cabs Tours and Travels offers a wide variety of tempo travel services from and to Bangalore airport at the most affordable rates. You can choose between 9-16-seater AC tempo travelers based on your requirements. You can also make reservations on our website. Our door-to-door service guarantees you a smooth experience, regardless of whether you travel from the terminal at the airport to your residence or the reverse. When you use CLC Cityline Cabs Tours and Travels, you can expect an on-time and secure travel experience and the comfort of additional legroom for every passenger.

Reliable and Comfortable Travel

Hire a budget-friendly Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices, which is created to give you an enjoyable and comfortable journey. Spacious cabins with comfy seating, plenty of legroom, and ample storage space outfit them. No matter if you’re driving short distances or taking an extended trip, you can relax while admiring the view, being assured that your comfort is the top priority.

Ample Seating Capacity

One of the best characteristics of a non-AC Tempo Traveller is its ample capacity for seating. They can hold many people, which makes them ideal for family trips and group outings as well as corporate travel. From 12-seaters to 26-seater options, There’s a non-AC Tempo Traveller that can accommodate any size group.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

To ensure a comfortable and easy journey, non-AC Tempo Travellers are well-maintained. Regular inspections and service are performed to keep the vehicle in top condition. With efficient engines, clean interiors, and functional facilities, you can rest in the knowledge that you’re traveling in a secure as well as reliable car.

Easy and Flexible Services

Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices ‘ services offer the benefit of having a seasoned and skilled chauffeur. They are familiar with local roads and well-known tourist spots and are dedicated to ensuring your safety throughout the journey. They will manage all driving duties so that you can relax and relax during your trip.

Doorstep Drop-off and Pickup

Another advantage of the AC Tempo Traveller service is that it provides the comfort of door-to-door pickup and delivery. The driver will arrive at the location you have specified and will not require you to travel to a predetermined departure location. This saves energy and time, as well as taking away the burden of organizing logistical issues.

Customized Itineraries

Non-AC Tempo Traveller services provide the possibility of constructing customized itineraries designed around your desires. It doesn’t matter if you want to go to famous tourist spots or choose a lesser-traveled route; the driver can tailor the itinerary to suit your specific needs. This individualization provides an added dimension of excitement and allows you to maximize your trip.

Cost-effective Travel Solution

In addition to their dependability and user-friendliness, Alongside their dependability and comfort, non-AC Tempo Travellers offer the most economical solution for travel. When compared to other types of transport, such as taxis and private vehicles, they are cheaper to group travel. If you split the cost among all of the participants in your group, you’ll save costs but not sacrifice luxury or comfort.

  • Non-AC Tempo Travellers provide affordable group travel options
  • Sharing costs reduces individual expenses
  • Booking discounts made for large bookings can be made available in more significant numbers.

Amenities Available on a Tempo Traveler in Bangalore

Hire Affordable 9,12,14,16 Seater AC Tempo Traveller With Driver
Features of Our maharaja tempo traveller

Our tempo traveler rentals in Bangalore include a range of features to improve your travel experience. The top amenities you will find include:

Air Conditioners: Be at ease throughout your trip with effective air cooling.

Comfortable Seating Our vehicles are built to provide you with comfortable seating

Sanitizers: We offer sanitizers aboard to keep hygienic and clean surroundings.

Leg space: Relax in plenty of legroom for passengers, making sure you have a relaxing trip for all passengers.

Seat Covers Clean and well-maintained seating covers enhance your ease of use.

Charging Points: Make sure to keep your devices fully charged using convenient chargers.

Overhead storage: Keep your possessions safely within overhead cabinets.

Reading Lamps Work or read on your way to work with individual light sources for your reading.

Mineral Water Bottles: Stay hydrated by drinking mineral water with free bottles.

How to book an Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices Services through Cityline Cabs

Booking a tempo traveler through CLC Cityline Cabs  tours and travels can be a straightforward procedure. Follow these steps to book your tempo traveler:

Choose the type of trip you want to take. Select one-way, local, round trip, or airport transfer.

Complete Your Details Please provide your travel information, including the number of passengers, dates of travel, and your destination.

Explore Cabs Explore Cabs: See available options under the Explore Cabs option.

Select the Perfect Vehicle: Choose the one that best suits your requirements and needs.

Select the number of Seats: Check that your seating reserves over 6-8 seats in order to seat the group comfortably.

By following these steps, you will be able to easily book a tempo traveler specifically tailored to your requirements to travel locally in Bangalore or an outstation travel.

Rent a Tempo Traveller for Outstation Journeys

Beautiful and picturesque cities such as Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar, Thekkady, Chikmangalore, Sakelshpura, Coonoor, Masinagudi, Kabini, Nagarhole Tiger Safari and Bandipura Tiger Safari and Nandi hills, which include Adhiyogi Isha Temple etc surround Bangalore. It could be an enjoyable weekend getaway with family and friends, or if you’d like to travel around these areas in a more leisurely manner, renting a tempo traveler in Bangalore to travel out using Cityline Cabs is the most convenient option. You can hire these travelers for a one-way trip or a round trip, based on the requirements you have.

Places to See in Bangalore

Hire a tempo traveler in Bangalore for a trip to these stunning spots around the city:

  • * Lalbagh Botanical Garden: One of the most extensive gardens in South India, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden is of historic significance as well. It is a seemingly endless landscape with diverse trees and plants to keep your spirits upbeat.
  • * Cubborn Park: Attached is an exhibit known as The Cubborn Park Museum; this is another park in Bangalore that you must go to. Cubborn Park is the address to a variety of exotic plants and trees.
  • * Bangalore Palace: An architectural structure that is a blend of Scottish Gothic and Tudor styles, The Bangalore Palace is a beauty to see.
  • * Bannerghatta National Park: A safari within the city is definitely rare. Make reservations for a safari in Bannerghatta National Park to experience the lush jungles of Bangalore.
  • * Brigade Road: The go-to destination for all the shoppers of Bangalore. From luxury brands to street shops, you will never look back once you’ve started shopping on Brigade Road.

Airport and Railway Station Pickup and Drop Services

Bangalore railway station and airport are situated at about 12 km. Cityline Cabs Tempo traveler rental within Bangalore is the most convenient alternative to travel back and forth for the pickup and drop-off of travelers or professional workers. You can reserve a Tempo Traveller through Cityline Cabs in accordance with the date and time of your travel, and you can save lots of time waiting at the airport or the station.


The Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices, is the ideal vehicle for travel with a group, providing an inviting and spacious interior with air conditioning and push-back seating. With plenty of legroom and luggage space, this car offers a comfortable and relaxing journey for trips or family excursions, as well as corporate occasions. If you’re planning a lengthy trip or a quick tour, the 12-seater AC Tempo traveler is an affordable and flexible solution for travel. With a variety of rental options that include luxury vehicles and flexible seating arrangements, you’ll be able to locate the ideal tempo traveler for your needs. Reserve your Tempo Traveller 12 Seater With Driver At Affordable Prices now to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with your friends.

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