Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages

Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages

Cityline Cabs offers Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages the finest transport services in Bangalore. If you are looking for a reliable and safe taxi service, then our car rental is one of the best options that you can use. Whether a local city tour or an intercity journey, we will provide you with various categories of cab services to suit your requirement at any place, at any time. Our chauffeurs are very passionate and proud of their job and want you to feel your trip with us as pure pleasure.

Cityline Cabs is the most trusted and preferred taxi in Bangalore. We are among the fastest growing company in Bangalore, and we provide the best car rental service from Bangalore to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other metros. Cityline cabs have ensured that our clients have an ultimate hassle-free experience. We are focused on providing Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages customer services and competitive rates with multiple options of vehicles. We ensure a safe, reliable, affordable and hassle-free transportation solution for business and pleasure trips.

Bangalore Top tourist Sightseeing Place in India

Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages is a great city in India. It is popular in India as a place to be in for both Indians and non-Indians. With a population of around 10 million people, Bangalore has a massive GDP of about US$9,500 billion. Bangalore is a major commercial center in India. For many years, it was a US military base and hence it still has an American influence on the city. While there are many resorts in Bangalore, the best and most preferred choice for tourists is the Gateway of India.

Bangalore is a city with true cultural heritage. It’s famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, India Gate. The location of the Gateway of India is close to M.G. Road (formerly known as Gandhi Road). It’s a very famous and famous restaurant in Bangalore. The best way to experience Bangalore is by taking a boat ride. Bangalore has many royal lakes which are ideal for taking a boat ride.
Car Type Models Include Passengers Ideal For
AC Sedans Etios, Amaze, Dzire, etc. 4 Pax Comfortable trips with small families
AC Hatchbacks Indica, Ritz, Micra etc. 4 Pax Budget trips over short distances
AC SUVs & MUVs Innova, Ertiga, Xylo etc. 6-7 Pax Premium trips with large families
AC Minivans Tempo Travellers 12 Pax Large groups of friends & families
Luxury Car Rental Corolla, Camry, BMW, etc. 4 Pax Pampering yourself with Luxury

Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages – Attraction Place

Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages One of the most famous places for a stay in the Taj Vivanta, etc in Bangalore. The location of the hotel is right next to the railway station. This hotel is the first luxury hotel in Bangalore and has won many awards.
Bangalore is also known for its spiritual places. To begin with one of the best temples in Bangalore is the Eagleton Resort etc. This is the most luxurious resort in Bangalore and the staffs here are friendly. There are also many other places to be visited in Bangalore like the Krishna Mandir. This is the largest temple in Bangalore and has many visitors. Another popular temple is the Chamundeshwari Temple.
Most importantly, the best way to visit Bangalore is on a cruise. Bangalore has its Cruises which offer amazing views of the Gateway of India. You can choose your cruise with the best menu. With such a rich history, Bangalore is the best place to be in India.

Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages – The Lowest Fare  for Sedan and Mini Car rental

Hatchback /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1700/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2100/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2700/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-
Sedan /Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1300/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1540/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.1800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 2240/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 2480/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.2960/-  Extra Km :  10/- , Extra Hrs : 120/-
Prime Sedan/Similar: 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1600/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.1920/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2880/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3520/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3920/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4720/-  Extra Km :  12/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages – The Lowest Fare for SUVs

SUV/Similar : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1700/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2100/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2400/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3000/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3300/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.3900/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

SUV Innova Crysta/Tavera :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 1800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.2250/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.2600/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3200/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 3500/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.4100/-  Extra Km :  15/- , Extra Hrs : 150/-

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs – The Lowest Fare  for Tempo Traveller

Force Tempo Traveller Non AC :4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3000/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3000/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3000/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 3800/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 4200/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5000/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Force Tempo Traveller  AC : 4Hrs /40 km  Rs, 3800/- ,  5Hrs /50 km – Rs.3800/- ,  8Hrs /80 km – Rs.3800/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 4600/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 5000/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.5800/-  Extra Km :  20/- , Extra Hrs : 200/-

Bangalore Darshan by SUV Cab 8Hrs80km Packages – The Lowest Fare  for Mini Bus Rental

Mini Bus Non  AC : 8Hrs /80 km – Rs.5500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 6740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 7440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9140/-  Extra Km :  25/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

Mini Bus AC :8Hrs /80 km – Rs.6500/- , 10Hrs /100Km Rs. 7740/-,  12Hrs /100Km -Rs. 8440/- , 16Hrs/100 km – Rs.9840/-  Extra Km :  27/- , Extra Hrs : 300/-

The Lowest Price  for Sedan, SUV, and Mini – Outstation Car rental

Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Hatchback AC 4 +1 Seater 10/- Per Km 250 Kms 300/-
Sedan 4 +1 Seater 11/- Per Km 250 Kms 300/-
Prime Sedan 4 +1 Seater 12/- Per Km 300 Kms 300/-
SUV 6 / 7  Seater 15/- Per Km 250 Kms 300/-
SUV 6 / 7 Seater 16.00/- Per Km 250 Kms 300/-

the Lowest Price  for Tempo Traveller and Mini Bus  – Outstation rental

Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Price/KM Min KM Per Day Day Driver Bata
Tempo Traveller NON AC 12 +1 Seater 16.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 400/-
Tempo Traveller AC 12 +1 Seater 18.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 400/-
Mini Bus NON AC 21+1 Seater 24.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 500/-
Mini Bus AC 21+1 Seater 27.00/- Per Km 300 Kms 500/-

Bangalore Palace

A magnificent building, Majestic Bangalore Palace retains the splendor of the old royal luxury. The combination of the construction of Tudor and Scotland Gothic has led to the great palace we see today. Time: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM Entry fee: Indian: INR 230, immigrant: INR 460 Time Required: four hours

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

Bannerghatta National Park:

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

Spread over an area of 104.27 square kilometers, the national park was established in 1971. The park itself has many facilities within its boundaries, including the first butterfly park. Besides, you can get closer to the amazing wildlife here using the jungle safari, which is a popular activity you can do here.


Cubbon Park:

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

Cubbon Park was originally distributed over 100 acres [100 ha], which was later expanded to over 300 acres [300 ha]. First founded in 1870 by Sri John Meade (acting Mysore Commissioner), Cubbon Park has a long history. Major General Richard Sankey (State Chief Engineer) conceived the park in honor of Sri John Meade. Originally, the park was called “Meade’s Park” and later became known as Cubbon Park. Since the park was introduced, it has been made and developed in many ways. In 1927,

the park was officially renamed. The rule of Krishnaraja Wodeyar in Mysore State. Currently, Cubbon Park is under the Department of Agriculture. The Deputy Director of Agriculture (Cubbon Park) is responsible for the management and maintenance of the park Time: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays every month. Only for morning departures: 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM Time Required: 1 – 2 hours Admission: Free

Lal Bagh -Botanical Garden 

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is located in Bangalore and is a nationally and internationally renowned center for botanical art, botanical science, and plant conservation. Lal Bagh, an area for all nature lovers, covers an area of 240 acres [240 ha] in the center of the city and is home to some 1,854 species of plants. Posted by Hyder Ali in 1760 and completed by his son Tipu Sultan. The garden is home to rare plants of French, Persian, and Afghan origin and has acquired the status of a State Agricultural Garden. Over 3000 million years old Lal Bagh Rock is located here and is a major tourist attraction. Entry fee: Adults: INR 25 (After 8:00 AM) Children under 12: Free Camera: INR 60 Time: 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM Time Required: three hours

ISKCON Temple:

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

Located in the Rajajinagar area, the ISKCON Temple is a revered shrine dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple, led by Madhu Pandit Dasa, was opened in 1997 by Shankar Dayal Sharma. In addition to the religious temple, the ISKCON temple is a cultural complex inhabited by dedicated gods Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa Govinda, and Sri Prahlada Narasimha. The ISKCON Temple is known for its participatory activities involving the most devoted of Lord Krishna.

The temple enrolls members for life and organizes programs in their community centers for the knowledge and knowledge of the Lord. The temple community also arranges hymns and hymns to the Krishna on public roads. Sermons and prayer services are held here as well. Besides, Time: Darshan Time: 4:15 AM – 5:00 AM, 7:15 AM – 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM Time Required: 2 – 3 hours Admission: Free

Shiva Temple:

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

The temple in Kemp Fort is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Shiva in the world. The magnificent statues of King Shiva and King Ganapathi are of great interest to all devotees visiting the temple. The temple is known for its thorough care and regular ceremonies organized by devotees to dedicate themselves to the worship of Lord Shiva considered one of the greatest deities in Southern India. King Ganapathi is also worshiped under the temple and common rituals and chanting mantras are performed by priests. Entry fee: 150 rupees per person Time: Open 24 hours Time: Anytime Time Required: 1-2 hours

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore is a popular city center run by the Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE). The whole structure is designed for science lovers to convey the knowledge of the objects of space and space in a fun and exciting way. From how the stars formed and how the planets changed, from the origin of life to the movement of the human universe, from how gravity works to stop solar eclipses – the planetarium explains everything. People, especially children, from the city visit the area as well as tourists visiting Bangalore. It helps educational institutions that can bring their students here on a course trip through pre-booking. Kids learn things outside of classes and also enjoy a fun day with friends.

Tipu Sultan’s summer palace

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

The construction of the fort began during the reign of Hyder Ali and was completed in 1791, during the reign of Tipu Sultan. Among the many unique features of the two-story palace are its massive wooden pillars, shiny bracelets, and beautiful and orderly surroundings. After the death of Tipu Sultan, the British used a monument to its Secretary until about 1868, before moving to Attara Kacheri. Blessed with lush gardens, lush vegetation, and splendid fountains,

the palace is an attractive tourist destination and a solitary part of the city center. Recently, a small portion of the castle has also been converted into a museum exhibiting various life events and times of Tipu Sultan. Once the visitors have entered the castle, they certainly feel as if they have entered a different place at a different time. The palace has a formal vibe that will make a person feel at peace as he enters. Time Required: 1-2 hours Entry fee: Indians – INR 15 Foreigners – INR 200 Time: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Visitvarvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

Located on Kasturba Road in Bangalore, the Visvarvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum was built in honor of Bharat Ratna recipient Sir M Visvesvaraya. It covers an area of 43000 sq. Km. Ft., The site was located in the sylvan area of Cubbon Park and was opened by the first Prime Minister of India- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in 1962. The first exhibition of the gallery exhibited by the museum was based on the principles of “electricity” and was open to the public on July 27, 1965. Built on the theme of the “Science Museum”, the museum has four floors dedicated to each science field.

The outstanding deposit deco is enhanced by ancient tools and equipment such as the Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk, the flying Stimulator, and other similar items. The background shows surreal images and images of climate change, various sea and land forces, and various planets.

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

Created in 1995 by B. A. Technology Consulting Limited, Hong Kong, Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain is probably the most technologically advanced source and one of the largest artifacts in India. Located on T.Chowdaiah Road, an exciting source is based on multimedia technology, MIDI frameworks, and hardware. The largest fountains surrounded by beautiful gardens take two exhibitions of light at night and sounds a day. The show and the dance to the rhythm of the sparkling water is a great idea. The well-planned park is maintained by the Department of Agriculture and includes a children’s play garden. The entrance also has a train engine famous for honoring the then Prime Minister C. K. Jaffer Sharief, who then built the well. Overall, the spring park is not only in Bangalore but the whole of India. It is believed that with very little modification,

Bull Temple 

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

The Bull Temple, also known as the Nandi Temple, is one of the oldest temples in the city of Bangalore. Nandi, the bull, is the mountain or ‘vahana’ of King Shiva and the goddess of King Shiva’s abode, Kailashagiri; according to Hindu traditions. This temple is for everyone to visit when they dedicate themselves to Shiva because Nandi is very important to Lord Shiva. The style of construction of the Bull Temple is mainly Dravidian and was designed by Kempe Gowda. It is believed that the source of the Vrishabhavati River is at Nandi’s feet. All bull carvings are carved in one granite rock. This statue is 4.5 meters high and 6.5 meters tall. Coconut oil, butter, and ‘benne’ are often used in this image. This led to the first gray image turning black.

Top tourist  Place of Bull Temple

In the Bull Temple, there is also the magnificent temple of Ganesh, the beloved son of Lord Shiva. The lovely truth about this temple is that the statue of King Ganesh is made entirely of butter! It takes about 110 pounds [110 kg] of butter to make this masterpiece, and a new painting is made every four years. Surprisingly, it is noteworthy that during the four-year recording of each butter image, the butter does not melt or change shape at all. Butter that makes an image of an idol and is distributed to the devotees as prasad. Time Required: 1-2 hours Entry fee: No entry fee Time: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM

HAL Aerospace Museum

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

The HAL Aerospace Museum is one of the most popular public places in Bangalore. The museum, launched in 2001, in the area of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, was set up to educate the public on the HAL, one of Asia’s largest aeronautical companies, to donate – either historically, scientifically, or academically. The museum is proud of the great Indian aviation it has taken, both commercial and defense, giving visitors an all-inclusive aerospace experience in a highly efficient environment. Such a show is an exciting experience not only for airline enthusiasts but also for the uneducated.

HAL Aerospace Museum

Currently, the HAL Heritage Center and the Aerospace Museum together form the largest airstrip in South Asia for the production, maintenance, development, and exhibition of military and commercial aircraft, helicopters, and all their engineering and equipment components. Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Time Required: 2-3 hours Admission fee: Adults: INR 50 Students (when showing ID card) and children (ages 4 to 18): INR 30 Children (up to 3 years): Free Physically handicapped: Free Additional payments: Existing Camera: INR 50 Video Camera: INR 75 Characters: Basic Simulator Game: INR 50 Motion simulator: INR 100

Top tourist  Place of Wonderla

Bangalore Local City Darshan Cabs | City Darshan Cabs - Cityline Cabs

Wonderla is said to be the best amusement park in the city (and one of the best in the world), and it attracts all those who want an adrenaline rush. While it is famous for its amazing high rides, it also has a comfortable, fun ride, which is why it offers something to all the guests. It is best known for its “High-thrill ride” collection, which is one of the park’s main chat areas. It also has a newly built coaster, India’s “reverse looping roller coaster” of India – a coaster that you make in both directions, straight and straight in a recurring sequence. The water park is also fun, with a variety of slides ranging from fun to relaxation. Time Required: 6-7 hours Wonderla Bangalore Hours: Maximum number of weekends/weekends and regular weekends: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Normal Weekdays: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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