20+1 Seater Mini Bus Per km Rate in Bangalore Non AC – Rs 30/km

20+1 Seater Mini Bus Per km Rate in Bangalore Non AC – Rs 30/km

Are you planning a group day trip, team building occasion, or circle of relatives tour in Bangalore? Do you want a handy and price range-friendly transportation mode to cater to your organization’s desires? 20+1 Seater Mini Bus Per km Rate in Bangalore Non AC – Rs 30/km to Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals, providing comfortable and low-priced minibus condominium services inside the town. Whether you require a fifteen-seater, 17-seater, 20-seater, or 50-seater minibus, we have a protected understanding of the need for minibus rental services.

Bangalore draws several corporate occasions, seminars, and conferences as the Silicon Valley of India. Additionally, the town boasts several famous instructional establishments and visitor places, drawing numerous corporations of university college students and tourists alike. In such eventualities, arranging transportation which can accommodate a massive organization without trouble becomes necessary.

That’s why Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals provides a pleasant solution. Our range of well-maintained minibuses ensures that regardless of the scale of your institution, you may tour together in consolation and fashion. With enough seating capability, room for bags, and current centres, our minibuses offer an available and fun tour experience.

Exploring the Benefits of Choosing a 20+1 Seater Mini Bus

While we offer numerous seater options to shape the needs of multiple groups, let’s delve into the specifics of a 20+1 seater minibus. This flexible alternative strikes the precise balance between compactness and spaciousness, making it perfect for medium-sized agencies. Here are a few key blessings of choosing a 20+1 seater minibus

Ample Seating Capacity: With seating for 20 passengers and an extra seat for the driving force, our 20+1 seater minibus ensures nobody is left in the back. No more splitting into a couple of motors or annoying approximately coordinating transportation logistics.

Comfortable Interiors: Our mini buses are designed with passenger comfort in mind, featuring plush seating, adequate legroom, and air conditioning to overcome the Bangalore warmth. Please sit back, loosen up, and experience the journey, leaving the driving to our expert and skilled drivers.

Affordability: At Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals, we understand the fee of a bargain. That’s why we provide aggressive pricing for mini bus rentals; the cost is consistent with a kilometre. Our 20+1 seater minibus is available at an unbeatable charge of simply Rs 30 according to kilometre (non-AC), making it one of the lower-priced alternatives in Bangalore.

Factors Affecting the Per km Rate of Mini Bus Rentals

The in-line in-kilometre charge of minibus leases can vary primarily based on numerous factors. Understanding these elements will assist you in making an informed selection and ensure you get the first-class cost for your cash. Here are a few aspects that affect the in-step km charge of minibus leases:

Size of the Mini Bus: The seating capacity of the minibus performs an enormous role in determining the fee according to a kilometre. Typically, larger automobiles with extra seating may have a better rate as they eat greater fuel and incur additional upkeep costs.

Type of Mini Bus: AC and non-AC mini buses frequently have specific line km rates, with AC alternatives commonly being priced slightly higher because of the introduced consolation and comfort they offer.

Distance and Duration: Longer distances and prolonged rental periods may challenge discounted prices. Conversely, shorter trips or longer hours may incur additional fees. It is helpful to test with the condominium carrier to understand their pricing structure in detail.

Inclusions and Amenities:

Additional facilities and services supplied with bottled water, tune systems, charging factors, and WiFi can impact the per km charge. Discussing your requirements with the condominium provider and clarifying any additional fees associated with specific amenities is vital.

Seasonal Demand: During peak seasons or holidays, while the call for minibus leases is high, costs can also increase because of restricted availability. It is recommended to ebook your minibus well earlier to stabilize the high-quality charges.

Fuel Price Variation: Fluctuations in fuel costs can impact the consistent km fee of minibus rentals. While condo offerings strive to hold competitive quotes, it’s crucial to stay aware of changes in fuel costs that can affect the final charge.

Considering these elements, Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals guarantees transparency and aggressive pricing, providing you with outstanding fees for your money.

Comparing the Per km Rates of Different Seater Options

Let’s look closer at the in step with kilometre charges for diverse minibus options at Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals. Knowing the charge variations, you can select the seater that best meets your institution’s needs and price range. Here’s a comparison of the per km fees for exclusive seater options:

Outstation Price

Seater Option Per km Rate (AC) Per km Rate (Non-AC) Driver Bata Minum KM
16 Seater  2/2 Rs 30 Rs 28 600 300
17 Seater  2/2 Rs 30 Rs 28 600 300
20 Seater  2/2 Rs 32 Rs 30 600 300
25 Seater  2/2 Rs 38 Rs 35 600 300
33 Seater  2/2 Rs 48 Rs 44 700 300
40 Seater  2/2 Rs 48 Rs 44 800 300
50 Seater  2/2 Rs 58 Rs 55 800 300
45 Seater  2/2 Luxury Rs 65 1200 300
50 Seater  2/2 Luxury Rs 85 1200 300

Local Packages Price

Seater Option Full Day Price (AC) Full Day Price (Non-AC)
16 Seater  2/2 Rs 9000 Rs 8400
17 Seater  2/2 Rs 9000 Rs 8400
20 Seater  2/2 Rs 9600 Rs 9000
25 Seater  2/2 Rs 11400 Rs 10500
33 Seater  2/2 Rs 14400 Rs 13200
40 Seater  2/2 Rs 17400 Rs 16500
50 Seater  2/2 Rs 17400 Rs 16500
45 Seater  2/2 Luxury Rs 19500
50 Seater  2/2 Luxury Rs 25500

Unveiling the Competitive Per km Rate of a 20+1 Seater Mini Bus in Bangalore

Among the numerous seater alternatives, the 20+1 seater mini bus stands out as a first-rate desire for affordability, consolation, and convenience. With an according-kilometre price of just Rs 30 for the non-AC version, you could enjoy a clean and pleasant journey without breaking the bank.

Considering the common quotes for different seater options, it is obvious that Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals gives very competitive pricing. While the per km charge for a 17 seater mini bus is Rs 29, simply Rs 3 less than the 20+1 seater, the additional seating ability makes the latter an extra most economical desire for slightly large businesses.

How to Book a 20+1 Seater Mini Bus Per km Rate in Bangalore Non AC – Rs 30/km

Booking a 20+1 seater minibus at the unbeatable price of Rs 30 in keeping with a kilometre in Bangalore is a trouble-free process with Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals. Observe those steps to stabilize your transportation:

Reach Out to Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals: Contact us via cellphone or e-mail to discuss your requirements, including the date, length, and vacation spot of your experience. Our friendly crew will guide you through the booking method and offer any extra statistics you might need.

Confirm Availability and Pricing: After supplying the important info about your experience, we can test the provision of the 20+1 seater minibus for your preferred dates. We can confirm the in-line with km charge, ensuring full transparency and no closing-minute surprises.

Finalize the Booking: Once availability and pricing are shown, you can continue with the reservation by imparting the desired files and completing the important office work. Our team will assist you at some point with this technique to make certain an unbroken experience.

Enjoy your Journey: On the day of your ride, our punctual and expert motive force will arrive at the required area with the 20+1 seater minibus. All it truly is left to do is sit down again, loosen up, and experience a snug and remarkable journey with your organization within the stunning city of Bangalore.

Why Choose Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals?

Affordable and Transparent Pricing: We provide competitive pricing without hidden prices or surprises. Our dedication to transparency ensures that you recognize what you’re buying from the start.

Well-Maintained Mini Buses: Our fleet of minibuses is often serviced and maintained to ensure a dependable and snug tour for our customers.

Experienced and Professional Drivers: Our team of experienced drivers prioritize passenger protection and ensure a clean and exciting journey.

Customer Satisfaction: At Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals, our final intention is patron pleasure. We strive to exceed your expectations and make your organization’s travel revel in Bangalore excellent.


Finding a lower-priced, dependable minibus condominium carrier in Bangalore may be tough. However, with Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals, you may enjoy the first-class of each world – comfort and affordability. Our 20+1 Seater Mini Bus Per km Rate in Bangalore Non AC – Rs 30/km gives the ideal solution for medium-sized corporations, ensuring a snug and fee-powerful journey is enjoyed.

Don’t permit transportation logistics to preclude your plans. Book a 20+1 seater minibus at an unbeatable fee of just Rs 30in keeping with kilometre (non-AC) and embark on a memorable journey with your group. Contact Bangalore Mini Bus Rentals today, and let us take care of your transportation wishes with professionalism, reliability, and affordability.

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